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Traditionally, woodchips were used for heating purpose. With the development of modern technology, woodchips can be recycled and are now used primarily as raw material for the manufacturing of board and paper.

Woodchips can be viewed as an environmental friendly product as it can be produced out of saw waste from sawmill, timber boards from demolished houses, obsolete wooden furniture and last but not least, plantation tree logs.
Yanos Trading Pte Ltd
(FSC® Logo License No. FSC-C084482), is currently obtaining woodchips from suppliers located in Vietnam and Malaysia for users in Japan. We do not purchase woodchips produced from sources of illegal logging. Primarily, there are three types of species which our Japanese users are demanding. Namely, Mixed Lightweight Hardwood (MLH) Chips are for the Medium Density Fiberboard Manufacturer and Particleboard Manufacturer, Acacia and Eucalyptus Chips are for pulp & paper manufacturers.
As part of the company’ effort in saving the earth green and clean, we always ensure our woodchips supplies are obtained from legal and reliable sources which operations are conformed with requirements prescribed by internationally acknowledged body such as
the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®). This is our promise and assurance to the customers who have been with the company for a long period of time. In Malaysia, we’ve our subsidiary company,
Yanox Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.
(PEFC Logo License No. PEFC/34-31-109), taking care of the production of MLH woodchip. In Vietnam, we’ve been co-operating with our Vietnamese counterparts since establishment of the company to obtain mainly the supplies of Acacia woodchip for our long term Japanese customers.